The IRWIN group was founded in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Its members are Dusan Mandic, Miran Mohar, Andrej Savski, Roman Uranjek and Borut Vogelnik.

IRWIN, along with the music group "Laibach" (1980), the performance group "Gledalisce Sester Scipion Nasice" (1983), later known as the "Kozmokineticni Kabinet Noordung", and the design department "Novi Kolektivizem", comprises one of the core groups within the artists' collective "Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK)", established in 1984 in the Slovenian republic of the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.

IRWIN is committed to the so-called 'retro-principle' which is "not a style or an art trend but a principle of thought, a way of behaving and acting"(IRWIN).

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Projects
2015 __ “IRWIN. WO DENKST DU HIN?!” Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Osnabrück
     __ “NSK from Kapital to Capital” (Neue Slowenische Kunst – an Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia), Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
2014 __ “Corpse of Art”, NuN, Berlin
     __ “Irwin: The Uninterrupted Production of the Object”, Gallery Rampa, Istanbul
2013 __ “Back to the USA”, Galerija SKUC, Ljubljana
     __ “Was ist Kunst”, Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin
2012 __ “IRWIN–NSK Passport Office”, New York and NSK State Citizens Rendezvous MoMA, MoMA Print Studio, New York
2011 __ “NSK Passport Holders”, Acik Ekran New Media Center, Istanbul
2010 __ “State in Time”, Dolenjski muzej, Novo Mesto
     __ “First NSK Citizens Congress”, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
2009 __  “Monument's time sharing”, public sculpture, Graz
2008 __ “The Crouch(klerk)-Art Basement Project” of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia
     __ “East Art Map”, Institut National d'Historie de l'Art, Paris
2007 __ “Monokromi”, Galerija Gregor Podnar, Ljubljana
2006 __ “Like to Like”, Art Center Lazareti, Dubrovnik
     __ “Birds of a Feather”, Gallery Akbank Sanat, Istanbul
2005 __ “The Retrofuturistic Universe of NSK”, Frye Art Museum, Seattle
2004 __ “East Art Map”, Project Arts Centre, Dublin
     __ “NSK Guard”, Kurama Art Gallery, Bishkek
2003 __ “Icons”, Galerie Inge Baecker, Köln
2002 __ “Exit”, NSK Garda Pristina, Pristina
     __ “Irwin at Home”, Home Gallery, Prague
2001 __ “Retroavantgarda”, Obala Art Center, Sarajevo
     __ “NSK Garda–Der Standard”, Museum in Progress, Vienna
2000 __ “Irwin Live”, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
     __  “Privatizacija vremena”, Muzej savremene umjetnosti, Zagreb
1999 __ “Self–portraits and Projects”, Erika Deak Gallery, Budapest
1997 __ “Transnacionala Köln”, Galerie Inge Baecker, Köln
1995 __ “NSK Passport Office”, Narodni Teater, Sarajevo
1993 __ “Irwin–NSK Embassy Moscow Interior and Kapital”, Galerie Le Sous–Sol, Paris
     __ “Consulato NSK Firenze”, Hotel Ambasciatori, Firenze
1988 __ “Was ist Kunst”, Galerija Nade Relic, Zürich
     __ “Second Bombing: Was ist Kunst”, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
1987 __ “Was ist Kunst”, Galerie Möbel Perdu, Was ist Kunst, Hamburg
1985 __ “Was ist Kunst”, Atelje Vipotnik, Ljubljana

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 __ “White Screen Black Hole”, Ariel Sanat, Istanbul
     __ “Inside Out - Not so White Cube”, Mestna galerija, Ljubljana
2014 __ “Just as Money is the Paper, the Gallery is the Room”, Osage Gallery, Shanghai
     __ “Only the Dead have Seen the End of War”, 4th International Canakkale Biennial, Çanakkale
2013 __ “Other People's Problems: Conflicts and Paradoxes”, Herzliya Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
     __ “Was ist Kunst? Mirrors of Production”, Galeria Jaqueline Martins, Sao Paulo
2012 __ “A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance”, Tate Modern, London
     __ “The Spirit of Internationalism”, Vanabbe Museum, Eindhoven
2011 __ “Confidential Communities”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA),  Moscow
     __ “Windows upon Oceans”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
2010 __ “The Promises of the Past”, Centre Pompidou, Paris
2009 __ “Renaming Machine”, Galerija Kraljević, Zagreb
     __ “Heaven”, Athens Biennial, Athens
     __ “That's all Folks!”, Aeroplastis Contemporary, Bruges
2008 __ “Here is Every, Four Decades of Contemporary Art”, MOMA, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
2007 __ “Plausible Art Worlds”, ICA Philadelphia, Philadelphia
     __ “No Borders”, Galerie im Taxipalais, Innsbruck
2005 __ “Troubled Times”, Galeria Pack, Milano
     __ “Love it or Leave it”, Goethe Institut, Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara
2004 __ “Venture”, Galerija Gregor Podnar, Kranj
     __ “Museum of Immortality”, Karl Ernest Osthaus Museum, Hagen
2003 __ “Leviathan , Kunsthalle, Dusseldorf
2002 __ “New Multiples”, Galerie Edition Artelier, Graz
     __ “Upwardly Mobile”, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt
2001 __ “Jahresgaben 2001”, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Köln
2000 __ “Unhappy New Year”, Regina Gallery, Moscow
1999 __ “Persuasion”, Lombard Fried Gallery, New York
1998 __ “Freeze Frame”, Douyon Gallery, Miami
     __ “Medialization”, Edsvik konst och kultur, Stockholm
1997 __ “Alternative Museum”, Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg
1995 __ “Notranjosti planita”, Galerija Anonimus, Ljubljana
1994 __ “Animals in Art”, Flash Art Museum, Trevi
     __ “Tunnel Vision”, Art Tunnel and ICA New York, Lille
1993 __ “Monuments. Transformation for the Future”, Central House of Artist, Moscow
1992 __ “Good News”, Galeria Cardi, Milano
1990 __ “Zeichen im Fluss”, Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts, Wien
     __ “Fra–Yu–Kult”, 369 Gallery, Edinburgh
1989 __ “American Pie”, Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
1988 __ “The Maginot Line”, Riverside Studios Gallery, London
     __ “Elements”, Stavaridis Gallery, Boston
1985 __ “Nove tendence v umetnosti osemdesetih”, Galerija ŠKUC, Ljubljana 

IRWIN, “Black Square on the Red Square”, DVD video, 3’15’’, 1992/2004 based on the action by IRWIN and Michael Benson (footage of the Moscow TV and Kinetikon Pictures) Edited by Igor Zupe [White Screen Black Hole]

“Black Square on the Red Square”

DVD video, 3’15’’, 1992/2004
based on the action by IRWIN and Michael Benson
(footage of the Moscow TV and Kinetikon Pictures)
Edited by Igor Zupe
[White Screen Black Hole]