Melike Abasıyanık Kurtiç

Melike Abasıyanık Kurtiç

1930 __ Born in Adapazarı.
1955 __ Graduated fom Decorative Arts Department, academy of Fine Arts, İstanbul.
1960 -62 __ She works as an artist for three months in the ceramics studio of Herman Kaehler in Naestved, Denmark.
1963-66 __ She was accapted to the Royal Danish Porcelaine Factory in Copenhagen for three and a half years, she worked in the “Steinzeus – Gre” department of the factory, on forms for regular production and single pieces.
1967 __ 68 Guest potter, Ceramics Department of Fine Arts Academy in Copenhagen.
1968-70 She worked on drawing at the Natural Museum in Ankara and also made research in the Institute of Mine Exploration and Searching on “clay”.
1971-74 Self-employed at “Heinz-Teo Dietz” ceramics studio, Bonn-Bad-Gadesberg, Germany.
1973 __ She was accepted by the jury as a member of the Organization of Applied Arts in Nordrhein – Westfallen, Germany.
1973 __ She Received a membership from GEDOK Organization related to Federation International des Associations Culturelles Feminies in Paris whose center is in Hamburg.
1975-77 __ She returned to Ankara and continiued her career in Ankara and Adapazarı. During this period she was charmed by the sea urchin’s that she came accross on the coast of Çeşme. She started her sea urchin drawings.
1977-79 She lived in Athens, where she made print applications of sea urchin’s drawing on photograph canvas. And she made 8 mm films on sea urchins.
1979-81 __ She continiued her ceramic works in Copenhagen. In the same year, one of her statues was bought fort he GRENAA government building. She applied the traditional emblem of the town of Grenaa to ceramics, for the same building.
1981-1987 __ She lived in Budapest, where she started her series of sea urchin drawings on rice paper.
1989-92 __ She continiud her photographic art works with photos of the tides of the ocean coast of Portugal.
1995-99 __ At present she is working independently in İstanbul. 

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1963 __ Deutsch-Turkish Kulturzentrum, İstanbul
1964 __ Royal Porcelain Factory, Copenhagen
1969 __ Çanakkale Ceramics Factory Gallery, Ankara
1970 __ Taksim Art Gallery, İstanbul
1973 __ University State Library, Köln
1974 __ Art&Handcrafts Gallery, Köln
1974 __ Art&Handcrafts Gallery, Munich
1975 __ Gallery Baraz, İstanbul
1976 __ Gallery Artisan, Ankara
1981 __ Gallery Artisan, Ankara
1982 __ Maçka Sanat, İstanbul
1982 __ Maçka Sanat, İstanbul
1986 __ Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
1988 __ Retrospective Exhibition, State Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Ankara
1994 __ Gallery Nev Photography Exhibition (High Tide – Low Tide), Ankara
1995 __ Photography and Ceramics Exhibition (High Tide – Low Tide), İstanbul
1997 __ “From Ceramics to Sea Urchins”, Ayşe and Ercüment Kalmuk Foundation, İstanbul 

Selected Group Exhibitions

1962 __ International Ceramics Exhibition (Diploma of Honour), Prag
1964 __ Danish Ceramics Exhibition, Copenhagen
1966 __ International Ceramics Exhibition, Faenza
1967 __ Charlottenborg Forârsudstillung, Copenhagen
1973-75 __ Wasterwaldpreise for Ceramics, Hohr – Granzhausen
1973-75 __ I-II-III-IV Summer Exhibition Art & Handicrafts Chamber, Köln
1974 __ Art and Handicraft Nordhein – Westfalen Landes Museum, Bonn
1975 __ German Contemporary Ceramics, Glass, Textile Exhibition, La Maison des Métiers d’Art, Paris
1975 __ Gedok-75, Painting, Ceramic,Textile Exhibition, Frechen (Nordrhein-Westfalen City Gallery), Bonn
1981 __ Turkish Contemporary Painting and Ceramics, UNESCO Center, Paris
1983 __ Contemporary Turkish Art Exhibition, Ankara
1985 __ Expo 85, Ysukaba, Japan
1985 __ Contemporary Turkish Plastic Art Exhibition, Ankara
1985 __ 1st International Asian-European Art Biennial (Friendship and Peace Prize), Ankara
1987 __ 1st International İstanbul Contemporary Art Exhibitions, İstanbul
1992 __ SANART ’92, Art and Environment International Symposium, Ankara
1992 __ Expo ’92, Sevilla, Spain
1997 __ SANART ’97, Art and Environment International Symposium, Ankara
1998 __ Multiplication for Environment, Borusan Gallery, İstanbul 

Selected Awards
1962 __ Received the Diploma of Honour at the International Ceramics Exhibition, Prague
1982 __ First Prize in the Ministry of Defese State Cemetery National Competition
1986 __ Friendship and Peace Award of the 1st International Asian-European Biennial
1998 __ Association of Plastic Arts Honorary Mention