Seyhun Topuz

Seyhun Topuz

Since early seventies Seyhun Topuz uses geometric forms as an instrument of expression in her sculptures. Her pure forms reflect an intricate mathematical order inviting the spectators for a long lasting journey in uniquely constructed mini-universes. The simple forms, simple vocabulary and the desire to enclose empty space are the basic principles she has adhered to from the very beginning which have directed the artist towards solutions of complex relationships, and towards a consistent, and most importantly, creative process of evolution as opposed to momentary and emotional artistic changes. 

1942 __ Born Balìkesir, Turkey.
1971 __ M.A. Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul
1977 __ Dr.A. Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul.
1974-78 __ Adjunct Faculty, Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul
1978-80 __ Art Students League, New York.
1983-84 __ New York

Lives and works in İstanbul since 1984.

Solo Exhibitions
2009 __ The Museum of Marmara University, Istanbul
2008 __ NEV Art Gallery, Ankara.
2006 __ “35 Years with Sculpture”, MAC Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2003 __ “Collective Memory”, Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.
1999 __ Aksanat, Akbank Art Gallery, Istanbul.
1997 __ Ercument Kalmik Museum, Istanbul.
1994 __ Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.
1990 __ Nev Art Gallery, Ankara.
1987 __ Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul
1983 __ Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul. 

Selected Group Shows 
2008 __ “Maid in Turkey”, Frankfurt, Hamburg.
2007 __ “Modern and Beyond”, Santral Istanbul, Istanbul.         2006 __ “Memory and Scale”, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul.
2005 __ “Red and Black”, Besiktas Cagdas, Istanbul.
     __ “Sculpture Garden”, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul.
     __ “A Balance Sheet: Art in Turkey in the 80’ties”, Karsi Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2004 __ “Macka Art Gallery in Cholet”, Museé d’Art et d’Histoire, Cholet, France.
     __ “Artist Dressings”, Museé du Textile, Cholet, France.
     __ “International Sculpture Symposium”, Dubai, UAE.
2003 __ Art in Akmerkez”, Akmerkez, Istanbul.    
2001 __ “Turkish art in the second half of the 20th century”, Has Ahırlar, Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.
“Contemporary Art 14”, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ “Plastic Arts”, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.
2000 __ “4 Sculptors”, Marmara University, Istanbul.
     __“Le Robes D’Artistes”, French Cultural Center, Istanbul.
     __ “Minimal X  Maximal”, West LB Bank, Istanbul.
     __ “Contemporary Art – 13”, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
1999 __ “2nd International Sharjah Biennial”, Sharjah, United Emirates.
     __ “Sculptors”, Artizan Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ “Homage to Şadi Çalık ”, Galatea Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ 1998    “Contemporary Art – 11”, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul.
1997 __ “Summer Exhibition”, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul
     __ “Art and Environment”, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.
1996 __ “The Other”, HABITAT  2, Antrepo, Istanbul.
     __ “Contemporary Art”, Mine Art Galery, Istanbul.
     __ “A Table”, BM Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul.
1995 __ 4th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul.
     __ “Reunion”, Derimod Art Center, Istanbul.
     __ “Three Artists”, Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.
1994 __ “Painting - Sculpture, 10 th  Anniversary”, Mine Art Galery, Istanbul. 
1993 __ "Towards the End of the Century I", Gallery B, Istanbul.
     __ "Turkish Woman Artists Since 1923", Archeological Museum, Istanbul.
     __ “Summer Exhibition”, Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul..
1992 __ "Drawers", Je Turc ILS Mulhouse, France.
     __ "Painting - Sculpture", Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul.
1991 __ "Drawers", M.D. Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ "Summer Exhibition", Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ "1st. Istanbul Art Fair", (Macka Sanat Gallery) TUYAP Convention Center,  Istanbul.
1990 __ "2nd Grand Exhibition", Painting and Sculpture Museums, Istanbul, Ankara.    
     __ "Summer Exhibition", Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul.
1989 __ "Sculpture Exhibition", Artisan Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ "Painting and Sculpture", Soyak Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ "Nine Artists", Derimod Cultural Center, Istanbul.
1988 __ "Contemporary Artists II", Painting and Sculpture Museum,  Istanbul.
1987 __ "Contemporary Artists", Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Istanbul.
     __ 1st International Istanbul Biennial, Military Museum, Istanbul.
     __ "Contemporary Art", Mine Art Gallery, Istanbul.
     __ "Turkish Women Artists", Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul.
1986 __ 1st European and Asian Art Biennial, State Museum of Painting and  Sculpture,                     Ankara.
     __ "10th Anniversary Exhibitions", Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.
1985 __ "Contemporary Women Artists", Istasyon Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.
1984 __ "Sculpture Exhibition", Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.
1983 __ "Contemporary Turkish Art", Arceological Museum, Istanbul.
     __ "Contemporary Artists", 1st Istanbul International Art Festival, Museum of                         Painting and  Sculpture  Istanbul.
     __ 44th Annual State Exhibit of Painting and Sculpture, Ankara, Istanbul.
1981 __ "Small Sculptures", Macka Sanat Gallery, Istanbul.
1980 __ Arts Students League, New York.
1977 __ "New Trends", Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul
1976 __ "Outdoors Scupture Exhibit", Archeological Museum, Istanbul.
1975 __ "Outdoors Sculpture Exhibit", Archeological Museum, Istanbul.
     __ 13th Middelheim Biennial, Middelheim,Belgium.
     __ 36th Annual State Exhibit of Painting and Sculpture, Ankara, Istanbul.
1974 __ "Outdoors Sculpture Exhibit", Archeological Museum, Istanbul.
     __ "Homage to Hadi Bara", Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul.
     __ 35 th. Annual State Exhibit of Painting and Sculpture, Ankara, Istanbul.
1973 __ "Young Artists", U.S.A. Cultural Center, Istanbul.
1972 __ 33rd Annual State Exhibit of Painting and Sculpture, Ankara.

     __ “Homage to most distinguished Turkish Sculptor”, Aydin Dogan Foundation Award, 2008.
     __ "Sculptor of the Year", Art Institution, 1990.
     __ 35th. Annual State Exhibit of Painting and Sculpture, (1st Prize), 1974.
     __ "Homage to Hadi Bara", (Honarable Mention), 1974.
     __ “Ahmet Andicen Award”, 1970.