Sinan Logie

Sinan Logie

In 1998, after his Architecture Studies at Institut Superieur d’Architecture Victor Horta in Brussels, Sinan started his collaboration with one of Belgium’s most progressive architecture office: L’Escaut. Since 2005, Sinan has developed his personal architectural and artisticwork through various projects in Belgium and Turkey. His work has been exhibited and published in Europe, USA and Turkey. He is currently leading his researches and teaching architectural design studio courses at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Sinan is the co-author, with Yoann Morvan of the recently published book ‘’Istanbul 2023’’ analyzing the urban spread of Istanbul. In 2015 Sinan co-founded with Yasar Adanalı: Beyond Istanbul. An independent urban research institute, focusing on spatial justice issues.

Solo Exhibitions
2015 __ ''Unconscious landscapes'', OktemAykut Gallery at Uniq Gallery,Istanbul
2014 __ ''The Nature of Chaos'', OktemAykut Gallery, Istanbul
Group Exhibitions
2016 __ ‘’Outside the sentence there was a city’’, curated by November Paynter, SALT Ulus, Ankara
With: Mirene Arsanios, Nadia Al Issa, Onur Ceritoğlu, Nazım Hikmet Richard Dikbaş, Annika Eriksson, Sinan Logie, Basim Magdy, Metehan Özcan, Wael Shawky 
2016 __ ''Artists pick Artists'', Art Sümer Gallery, Istanbul
2016 __ Contemporary Istanbul Art fair, With OktemAykut gallery, Istanbul
2016 __ ''Locus'', Curated by Özlem Ünsal, Versus Art Project Gallery, Istanbul
2015 __ ''Istanbul, Passion, Joy, Fury'', curated by Hou Hanru with Ceren Erdem, Elena Motisi and Donatella Saroli, MAXXI, Rome, Italy
2015 __ ''Sanat International'', Contemporary Turkish Art, 12 Stars Gallery, London
2014 __ Contemporary Istanbul Art fair, With OktemAykut Gallery, Istanbul
2014 __ ArtInternational Art fair, Design of the 'Middle East'' magazine performance booth, Istanbul
2014 __ [ ], PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2013 __ Slick Art Fair, Brussels, With Mars Istanbul Art Gallery
2000 __ ‘’Art Kart’’ // Galery Apel // Istanbul  
1998 __ ‘’TransArchitectures’’, Dutch Electronic Art Festival, NAI, Rotterdam