Ariel is a sylph, the sylph of air. She is the one who initiates the storm by clapping his charmed wing in Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”.  Even though she does not actually stand under the spotlight, she radically changes the course of the events just by defining the prevailing circumstances. This is exactly what this small art space, with fluttering wings and heart, pursues: to change the course of the events.

When Bilge Alkor decided to gather the works she had been collecting for years with her own productions to form some sort of a collection, what she had in mind was to found an institute, not just limited to exhibiting and display, rather functioning like a research and meeting platform open to all fields of art. Aiming to open horizons for meetings and encounters, Ariel will clap its wings in this dream sky.

Have you ever seen a sylph, anyway?     

Ariel Sanat
Maçka Caddesi 24
Narmanlı Apartmanı
kat 2 daire 22
Teşvikiye 34367

T. 0 212 261 57 11

Working Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-19:00