Can Aytekin, Onur Ceritoğlu, İnci Furni, Sibel Horada,
Derya Yıldız

Conceptual framework:

“Anarchitecture” focuses on the concept of creating through destruction. Therefore, artists who are curious about the other side of the wall, have been invited. In Inci Furni’s acrylic on paper, a paper cloud silently hits on the window, breaking it silently. Everything takes place on paper, but nothing remains there. Can Aytekin and Sibel Horada have taken inner and outer molds of the Independence Monument [Abide-i Hürriyet], which revealed the indicators of how politics and architecture easily intersect once they find a common driving force. Onur Ceritoğlu has transferred one of the elements of destruction architecture on one of the walls of the exhibition: a curtain made of boards nailed to one another. With an intervention Derya Yıldız directly applies on the exhibition venue, demonstrates how a hasty perception downsizes and thus restricts and limits the space. Every space has a hidden sound.