Conference of the Birds

Conference of the Birds

Murat Akagündüz, Ebru Ceylan, Sibel Horada, Pelin Kırca

Conceptual framework:

En route in pursuit of the Simurgh, one passes through places and times, crosses valleys and mountains, one by one, before the end of the path arrives at a sudden moment of luminescence on a moonless night bringing thirty birds together. Written in bird language, the story of weakness along with virtue, falling behind the fliers, existence in the midst of nonentity, reaching the summit of the farthest mountain, rises up, thirty birds all together into the sky of becoming.

Murat Akagündüz, Ebru Ceylan, Sibel Horada and Pelin Kırca have added their own tales to the story of the birds speaking at the assembly in Mantiq ut-Tayr, the sufic work by Ferid ud-Din Attar. In his paintings, using the healing power of resin, Murat Akagündüz consecrates the performance of people at the limits of life, forced to cross the Jabal Qaf every single day, while Ebru Ceylan imagines an untouched bird-realm in an aerial photograph. In the animation by Pelin Kırca, the valleys cross through rooms opening onto one another; there are walls, windows and a poppy hanging in the air… Sibel Horada’s wing falls silently to the ground, just like those lost en route; the invincible sign of flying, flying with nothing but the body.   

The Conference of the Birds assembles at Ariel, for now.